Start and Swim


The race start will be on the beach.  The start will be a run in from the beach.  Depending on conditions, there may be time for a brief warm up or acclimatization opportunity prior to the start.


Please follow starter instructions and be ready to start with you wave as there is a tight schedule.  Participants will swim straight out from the beach and round a marker to their left before swimming to the sailing club slipway where they will exit.


Large yellow racing bouys will mark out the course.  There will be large flags on the exit slipway which should be visible from the water.  A kayak will lead swimmers in each wave and there will be multiple rescue craft on standby.


Swimmers are asked to apply common sense - average or weak swimmers should remain at the back of the group at the start to allow stronger swimmers through.


The swim is in a sandy bay which is sheltered from the prevailing winds.  Water quality is excellent.  There are no weeds or any underwater impediments.  There will be no sailing club activities taking place for the duration of the event.


All competitors must sign the swim proficiency declaration.


The Water Safety Team Leader (WSTL) will have responsibility for safety measures.


Cut off time for the 750m swim will be 35 mins.  The WSTL can withdraw participants at his discretion if he believes they are in danger.


If a swimmer is in difficulty he/she should lie on his/her back and raise an arm to attract the attention of one of the rescue boats.  Swimmers may rest on a boy or kayak during the swim provided there is no advantage e.g. tow.


If any participants are rescued their name and race number will be communicated to Swim Identification Control.  Swimmers who retire must report in person to Swim Identification Control desk on the slipway.  Failure to do so can result in a suspension from competition for a minimum period of one year. 


Wetsuits are compulsory.

Transition 1

Exit water at Sailing Club slipway and turn right outside entrance gate to club.  The transition area is about 250m from swim exit.   Helmets must be fastened before competitors dismount bikes from racks.

Competitors should exit transition through the Cycle Exit and follow marshals' directions to the gate.   Do not mount bike until you exit the transition area and reach the clearly marked point on the road outside the transition gate.  You may advance beyond this point before mounting the bike but cannot mount before the marked point.


It is advised that competitors wear a race number on the front and back of your racing top.  If wearing a belt - please ensure that a number is visible on your back during the cycle and on the front during the run.

Participants are responsible for their own gear.  Access to transition between 7:00am and 11:45pm is for competitors and officials only.



Left on exit from transition and straight out from Mullaghmore.  Take the first right turn towards Cliffoney.  Continue along the road to the turnaround point.  Head back towards Mullaghmore turning left up the hill around Mullaghmore head.   Return through the village and continue on the second lap.  Return to Transition by the bike entrance .

TI rules on drafting should be understood by all competitors and will be enforced by motorcycle draft marshals on the course.  There are two zones where the drafting rules will not apply and competitors are encouraged to be extra cautious in these stretches:


  • 200m before the cycle turnaround.

  • between the gate lodge and transition entrance on cycle returns.

Transition 2

Slow down bikes in advance of entrance to transition. 

Dismount bikes at or before the point indicated by marshals before

entering gate.  Do not remove helmet until bike is secured on rack.  

Exit from the transition through Run Exit and commence run through

the Village in a clockwise direction around Mullaghmore head.  

Run & Finish

Run around the head clockwise.  This will be indicated by marshals.  Runners should keep to left side of the road on the run route and be extra vigilant as there will also be cyclists on the road.  Finish outside sailing club and exclusion area immediately after finish with drinks/fruit and medical assistance.


Please return timing chips and proceed through the finish promptly to avoid congestion.


Competitors with Medical Conditions


Competitors with a medical condition should inform the race organiser or staff at registration.  If deemed appropriate, the nature of the condition e.g. penicillin allergy will be noted on the back of the race number to assist medical personnel in the event of an accident.

Marshals and Stewards

If you have travelling companions who would be available and willing to lend a hand on the day please let us know at registration.