Spring Duathlon Series

Race 1 - Ballyshannon 29th March

3km Run, 23km cycle, 2.5km run



MSC Tri Club Spring Duathlon Series is back on Sunday 29th March,  at the Lakeside Centre, Ballyshannon.  The race will be again run along a short section of the Lakeside Triathlon course as outlined on the map below.  The cycle for this race to the full 23km Lakeside Triathlon route while the runs are 3km and 2.5km.  A shorter course will be offered if anyone wishes to do this and again relay teams are also welcome.


This is a competitive training event and full ITU rules will apply which are necessary for the safety of all competitors.  There will however be no entry fee payable.  Any non-MSC Tri members wishing to participate are invited to contact the club in advance as there are limited entries for non-members.

Lakeside Duathlon
         Run 1: 3km​                         Cycle: 23km,                      Run 2: 2.5km
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