20km Team Time Trial

Aidan Ferguson, Gabriel Timoney and Martin O'Halloran

Five three person teams and one two person team battled it out for the first Handicap Team Time Trial of 2017. Aidan, Gabriel and Cookie couldn't be caught despite Noel, Gerry Cleary and Gerry McCafferty's determined effort - they'll be back! While Aidan McAleer, Matthias and Paschal kept the pressure on from behind to take a close third place. Cooperative team work from Maura, Ruairi and Stevie left Sarah, Eamon and Regina having to settle for 5th place while a superb effort from the Rooney girls, demonstrated that Meabh, on her first time trial, is one to be watched for the future.

1. Aidan Ferguson, Gabriel Timoney, Martin O'Halloran - 36:24

2. Gerry Cleary, Noel Hoey, Gerry McCafferty - 37:21

3. Aidan McAleer, Matthias McCosker, Paschal O'Shea - 37:58

4. Maura McGauran, Ruairi McGee, Stevie Mac - 38:25

5. Sarah O'Malley Daly, Regina Magee, Eamon McCafferty - 40:32

6. Meabh Rooney, Eleanor Rooney - 44:41