Wave Allocation

Waves will be posted in the Sailing Club on Friday.  Please ensure you are in the correct wave and have the correct colour swim hat.  In accordance with Triathlon Ireland guidance waves will be allocated based on gender and age.  Wave one will be sprint distance.  Wave two will be for the shorter swim distance.



Registration will take place at the times indicated at the Sailing Club when goody bags with souvenir t-shirts, race numbers, meal vouchers, and swim caps will be distributed.

In order to race you must either be a full member of Triathlon Ireland and present your membership card at registration or have purchased a One Day Licence in advance.  


You must bring a printout of your One Day Licence to registration.


Any competitor who cannot show either a current TI membership card or a One Day Licence will not be covered by insurance and will not be allowed to race. 

At least one member of each relay team should be a Triathlon Ireland Member or have a one day licence. One day license checks will be done at registration.

Registration will close at 8:00am sharp on race day and participants are strongly advised to register on the previous evening.  Unregistered entrants will not be allowed to compete.


There will be a race information board at registration which will give any last minute changes to the published programme.


Transition Access

Transition will be open from 7:00 and security personnel will be present.  Competitors must ensure that their bike is roadworthy to participate in the race.  Bike checks will be carried out at he entrance to the transition area where they will be visually checked for obvious defects.  If a bike is deemed unsafe during the bike check it is the racer's responsibility to correct any defect before transition is closed, otherwise the racer will not be allowed to use the bike.  No access to transition without wrist band which will be provided with your race pack.  Competitors only allowed access to transition.  Bikes cannot be removed from transition until 11:45.  Competitors finished early should not bring their bikes through the finish area while competitors are on the course - please remove bikes through the run exit.

Bike places will be pre-allocated at transition.  The transition area will be neutralised to avoid a situation where participants will have an advantage depending on location of their bikes.



Public toilets and portals are located adjacent to the sailing club.

Relay Teams

Relay team members should hand over the timing chip at the bike racking point.  There will be a separate designated area within transition for relay teams.