Junior Aquathlon

MSC Tri Club are excited to host Mullaghmore Junior Aquathlon on 20th June 2020.

Ages 7 - 10 years:

150m swim and 1 km run,

Ages 11 - 14 years

 300m swim and 2 km run

(distances subject to change)

Entry now open on Triathlon Ireland.


IMPORTANT: Please bring your 2020 photo ID Triathlon Ireland (TI) membership card with you on race day. If you don’t have a full TI membership card with you on the day you can buy a one day licence (ODL) for the Aquathlon Race on the Triathlon Ireland website before Thursday, 18th June.   You will NOT be allowed to race without a licence. Print or electronic evidence is sufficient. All competitors need a TI membership or ODL.


Parents / guardians will be required to sign a waiver/ consent form and swim proficiency form, for all Child competitors.


The child must have turned the appropriate age for that group by 31 December 2020


age  7 - 8 (born 2013 & 2012)

age 9 - 10 (born 2011 & 2010)

age 11 - 12 (born 2009 & 2008)

age 13 - 14 (born 2007 & 2006)

Race Briefing: Mullaghmore Sailing Club 8:20am for all Junior Athletes


Race Start:

8.45 am 7 - 8 years

8.55 am 9 - 10 years

9.05 am 11 - 12 years

9.15 am 13 - 14 years

Parents Please Note:

For the safety and smooth running of the Junior Aquathlon there is to be NO parental interaction with athletes beyond the racing line at any stage (swim, transition or on the run course). Please adhere to the requests of the race marshals at all times during the race.

It may be worth while practising transition with your child prior to race day. Marshals will be able to help competitors if necessary in transition, but no parental assistance will be allowed.


The Finish Zone is an athlete ONLY area, please do not enter the athlete only area looking for your young athletes as this will cause congestion on the day. This area will be strictly marshalled. Please arrange to meet your child at the entrance to the Finish Zone.


Wetsuits are mandatory for all athletes. Racing with booties will not be allowed.

All athletes will be provided with a specific swim hat that must be worn for the Swim – the hat you are given MUST be worn for that race.

When exiting transition for the run course, your race number must be visible and worn to the front.


Transition opens from 7:30 and closes at 8:15 sharp.

Only those with competitor wristbands will be allowed into transition.

No bags will be permitted in Transition. Please be mindful of other athletes in transition when setting up your gear and changing from Swim to Run.


This is a fun participation event for children.  Each child will receive a medal at the finish line.  Please note that this is not a timed event and there are no category prizes.


Post Race refreshment - details to be confirmed.  


In the water, if you are experiencing any difficulty, lie on your back and raise your hand in the air. A kayak will come over to you as soon as possible. Gently grasp on to the board, or the bow ball while you gather yourself. If you feel you cannot continue, the kayaker will make arrangements for you to be assisted by the boat. If you do not complete the swim, make your way as soon as you can to the finish line marshal and report your number. You may continue on the run course and complete the race (if you were not pulled from the water for medical reasons) and receive a finish time but you will not get an official place or qualify for a prize.  All participants will however receive a medal.


Parents/guardians and competitors please follow the instructions of marshals at all times

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